Being connected to others through relationships is a basic biological need that all humans have. If this is met easily, we feel pleasure. If not, we feel pain. Our hurt and pain often can lead not only to a disconnection from others, but also to a disconnection from love of self.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, if you are experiencing any of the areas of discomfort listed below, I want to help you learn new ways to replace the pain with pleasure. New ways to connect with ease to others. New ways to connect with love to yourself.

Your relationship is failing and your partner won’t come to therapy

You want to prevent repeating mistakes made in past relationships

Grieving any loss, death separation, divorce

Deciding to stay or leave a relationship

Healing wounds from family of origin or other hurts

Feeling anxious, depressed, sad, angry, resentment, shame.

Explore who you are; discard what no longer fits; create new ways that fit your life

Thinking or believing that having a loving relationship won’t happen for you

Any other areas you would like to explore with me

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