Being connected to others through relationships is a basic biological need that all humans have.

We all long for and expect our relationships to be easy. When the ease starts shifting to tension, we often find ourselves at a loss as to what went wrong or how to make it better.

We may find ourselves feeling distant from each other even when we try to keep the peace. Or we blame each other, trying to prove that we are right and they are wrong. Sometimes it becomes so painful, we distract ourselves and act as though there’s not a problem.

Instead of feeling joy and love, we may find ourselves feeling scared, worried, disappointed, anxious, sad, uncertain, frustrated, helpless, angry, depressed or confused.

Whatever the issues: communication, stress, finances, trust, kids leaving home, illness, I want to help you learn new ways to get along. Ways to replace the tension with ease. Ways to appreciate differences. Ways to problem-solve and find solutions together. Ways to reconnect.

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